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Breath Leadership 1 Look out for that sabre tooth tiger…

You’ve been there; you know the feeling. You are in your meeting, at your event. You’re about to speak. Not just speak, but stand up and speak, in public. Public speaking. Tension rising, temperature rising, pace of breathing rising. Now breathing short and shallow. Heading towards a sense of panic… Why does this happen? What… [Read more]

Voiceover radio ad for Tearfund

Ges Ray providing voiceover for Tearfund radio Advertisement, click to hear the voiceover online now…

Radio Brooklands Interview

Click to hear the interview online now…

The Power of Breathing!

How can something as simple as breathing have such a dramatic effect on the initial impression you make on your audience? Let’s take a look, and use some practical, day-to-day examples. Have you ever had to stand up to speak at an ‘occasion’? Perhaps you needed to speak a few words at a party, or… [Read more]