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SME Training

The challenge is for the team within the growing business to take advantage of Business Networking and speaking opportunities, whilst all singing from the same hymn sheet / using agreed elevator pitches to key target groups of customers, with so little time for training.

A successful model is having a series of morning workshops, enabling priority emails and calls to be answered beforehand, then ensuring business as usual in the afternoon. Running these sessions a week / 10 days apart allows time for the messages to sink in, and be refreshed & built on in the next workshop.

Workshop content:

1) “What elevator buttons are you pressing?” (Elevator Pitches)

  • Team discussions re the businesses; identify key messages with assistance from colleagues. Where are your markets? Who are your key targets?
  • Develop content of a range of approaches / ‘elevator pitches’ to match the appropriate benefits to the target customer(s)


Develop ‘elevator pitches’ for talking with customers or networking in the wider sense, be it structured networking meeting or touch points with contacts / potential customers 

2) “Stand and Deliver” (Addressing key fears & concerns / building confidence)

  • Build confidence in delivery: How can something as simple as breathing have such a dramatic impact on the initial impression you make on your audience? How does the way you stand affect your voice?
  • Build confidence in engaging your audience: How do you feel about using silence as a friend, rather than an enemy? What traps do we fall into rather than actually looking at our audience? What is the effect of simply not smiling?


  • Equip the team with a toolkit / checklist for delivery of presentations, whether to an audience or in meetings (e.g. Networking)

3) “When did you last explore your cavities?” (Exploring voice tones)

  • Understanding the impact of different voice tones, face to face or on the ‘phone
  • Work on different voices for different messages. For example, are you telling story, or delivering a key message?


Understand impact of voice tones, and build into presentations & telephone techniques